Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section.

We have made a list of the most common questions that we are asked regarding our service. If you do not find the answer to your question here then please visit our contact page or REGISTER NOW FOR FREE.

[1] Where are you based?

We are a nationwide firm of accountants and tax consultants who have completed tax returns for taxpayers based all over the UK. Our head office is based in Salford, Manchester.

[2] How do I know I have claimed for all my expenses that relate to my business?

Upon receipt of payment, we give you access to a very easy to complete income and expenditure template that has been designed for the trade you are in. All you have to do  is complete the boxes in that are applicable to you and email back to us. We will then check it for obvious errors.

If we have any queries we will contact you for clarification.

[3] How long will it take to complete my tax return once I have paid?

Providing we have all the information sent back to us we usually complete the tax return’s within 24 hours.

[4] What do I do if I have a query?

You can email us and we respond to emails within 24 hours on weekdays. Our offices are closed at weekend so it may be Monday if you email us over the weekend. Alternatively you can telephone us during office hours Monday to Friday.

[5] How do I know how much tax I have to pay?

We always calculate your tax position prior to submitting your tax return based on the information you provide. Once you accept and agree for us to complete your tax return on your behalf we usually do this within 24 hours.

[6] Why are your prices so competitive?

Because the online software we have developed over the years has enabled us to complete tax returns and calculate income tax liabilities very competitively.

[7] Do you represent me after the tax return has been submitted to HMRC?

The fee of £49.95 has been priced accordingly and therefore it is a one off tax return completion service only.

[8] How safe is your site in relation to my personal information?

We maintain the highest standards of security within our site and only use Paypal guaranteed secured payments.