Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. This is an execution only tax return service, no representation to HMRC is involved excepting the completion of the said tax return and submitting on your behalf.

2. In the event that any later amendments are needed to your tax return once the tax return has already been submitted and accepted by HMRC, an additional fee of £49.95 will be charged by taxreturnservice.co.uk or amendments cannot be made.

3. As this is a tax return service only for a low cost fee of £49.95 taxreturnservice.co.uk its suppliers or partners cannot respond to HMRC correspondence (who have the authority to check any tax return submitted by any taxpayer ) and may enquire further into the information and figures you have requested us to submit on your behalf. Any correspondence HMRC request from the taxpayer will have to be answered by the tax payer directly.

4. Upon the completion and submission of the tax return taxreturnservice.co.uk its partners/directors have fulfilled their contractual obligation for the fee of £49.95 of an execution only tax return service.

5. taxreturnservice.co.uk its suppliers or partners cannot and will not be held responsible and not be liable in any way for losses as a result of the information you provide or errors or mistakes we may make in completing the tax return.

6. taxreturnservice.co.uk its directors/partners or suppliers will not be held responsible or incur any losses as a result of information shown on the website. You the client fully accept that once you have requested our company to complete the tax return on your behalf all information you receive from ourselves is subject to strict confidentiality.

7. Taxreturnservice.co.uk its owner/partners/suppliers or any associated companies cannot and will not be held responsible for the tax calculation or any losses incurred as a result of. We withhold the right to refuse to produce a tax calculation if we so desire.

8. We withhold the right to terminate our service at any time if we feel their is a threat to our partners/staff or suppliers either physically or verbally. This may result in the loss of your payment. 8. You understand that by requesting www.taxreturnservice.co.uk to complete and submit your tax return you do so knowingly and willingly supply the correct information and income and expenditure received and by falsifying any information you do so at your own risk and with no risk or association or any losses incurred by taxreturnservice.co.uk its directors/partners staff or suppliers.